A Case Study

          We took Argus Technologies website optimization and search traffic as the case to furnish as sample report how the optimization can drive business to the organizations

Keyword Analysis for Inward Traffic 

  •   Analyzed the content & the HTML tags of a page.
  •   Extracted the Keywords, Titles, Meta tags, HTML Headers and other parts of the document Calculate the Relevance percentage based on the content of the page.
  •  Checked the Text Optimization of the document for all the Keyword Combinations and evaluate their Keyword Rank.

Web Traffic Infographics

          Argus Website traffic is simply number of people that comes to visit a website, the number of pages visitors click, and the amount of time a visitor views a page on a website as below 

Page wise Statistics 

Tracking Website Traffic

          One of the most important thing, as website owner or business owner on the internet is to track and monitor where your visitors are coming from, and where they are going on your website. Your knowledge of website traffic definition will help you keep up with this.

Where is your website visitors coming from, and why?

          This is super important as you build website traffic, and promote your website; you need to know what’s working for you, and what’s not working for you by tracking your results, your website traffic data.
          How long does your visitor stay and what pages of your website do they view the most? As your internet business and website grows; you will have tons of pages out there scattered all over the internet, and also tons of people visiting your website from all over the place. Tracking has its place in your internet business and this is where it comes in. Website traffic definition at its best.


          A proper analysis and continuous monitoring of the statistics render vital information of your market positions, how far you can improvise by understanding the traffic that may lead to redesign the pages and contents of the website thus bringing more visitors to the website.
          Our web market drives 95 % qualified leads and 60 % of the overall revenues to Argus which clearly shows that Internet market place is an inevitable media to win the competition.




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