Search Engine Marketing & Sponsored link [SEM]

Common terms

           Pay Per Click (PPC). An advertising campaign is designed to help you to achieve your search engine marketing (SEM) objectives. It's a prepaid service where Paid Amount gets deducted when click occurs on link.

           Impressions: Number of time each page load to give you a view of that page.
Landing pages: Instead taking a visitor from the search result link to your website, searcher will directly land in a page of relevance what he is looking for

E News Letter and Bulk Mailing

           One of the major benefits of this type of bulk emailing is that it allows you to pre-sell visitors before you attempt to sell them. This means that you get the chance to let them trust you - to let them see that you will actually steer them in the right direction before you begin pitching your own products to them and endorsing other people's products. This will make it considerably easier for your prospects to buy your products. One of the major benefits of bulk emailing through other people's lists is that it allows you to instantly contact thousands.

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